Akashic Accelerated


Birth and the early

years of the Journey

of the Soul

  • Each of us incarnates with the belief that we are going to be loved for just being - for being perfect. We arrive perfect don't we ? Over time we develop the belief that we are less than perfect because we do not appear to be loved for just 'being' - for just being us. We decide that we need to start doing something to get the attention (love) that we so desperately need. So we start to learn to play-out roles and we start to develop our 'false identities'. This gives us the one thing we crave, and that something is attention (love). Now some of that attention will be positive and some will be negative. However, to a child, any attention is better than no attention at all.

  • We do however arrive in this dimension with an issue that we would like to experience. An issue that we would like to understand. An issue that we would like to expand beyond and finally integrate into our being. So the issue that we choose to work must therefore be 'manufactured' in our family circumstances that we choose to incarnate into. So we literally get this issue confirmed to us over and over again in the circumstances that we have chosen to come into. This then helps us to formulate this issue and proves to us that the world is indeed like that. The world is like whatever our core issue is. So this then becomes the core issue to be worked. It is something that we experience over and over and over again. We may be 'unconscious' to this core issue because we have become 'unconscious' to where it got developed. We may have forgotten entirely how we felt at 3 months old, 6 months, 9 months, 2 years, 3 years and so on. We will have completely forgotten the fabric of how we were weaved into this complex human being.
  • However, all the same, it is all there, all the experiences, all the beliefs, all the many moments of our existence which has formulated you - the human being that you have become.