Akashic Accelerated


The Trilogy :

Core Issue, Core Belief

and Core Worst Fear

  • Before each incarnation of the soul, it decides what 'core issue' is going to be worked during the incoming lifetime. It decides what aspect 'outside of source energy' that it would like to explore, learn about, and experience 'itself' as. The 'core issue' which gets chosen will, over time, create the whole personality structure and sits at the core of our life struggle, life experience and life lessons.

  • For the 'core issue' to be developed, the perfect parents, location, country, siblings etc are chosen for that incarnation to take place. Once the soul has incarnated into the physical form the life experience which unfolds determines the development of the inner 'core issue' to be worked out in this lifetime. Over time there is a supporting 'core belief' which gets developed and a corresponding 'core/worst fear'. These then form the very 'core' of the human experience from hereon in.
  • For example a 'core issue' of 'I am not good enough to be loved' will invoke a lifetime of a repeating cycle of events, circumstances and experiences which confirms to the individual that they are not 'good enough to be loved'. The very fact that they have come in to work this 'core issue' will draw to them the people, circumstances, events in which they can experience the world confirming to them that the world is like that. Therefore they will develop a corresponding 'core belief' for example 'the world is lacking in love' or 'everyone else gets more love than me' or 'others are more open to love than me' etc with a probable 'core/worst fear' of 'I am afraid to be loved' or 'I am un-lovable'. This then becomes the 'false' identity that the soul takes on in order for it to know itself as 'separate from the source'.
  • There are billions of possibilities to these three key component parts to the personality structure, know as 'the trilogy'.