Akashic Accelerated



  • Enlightenment is a continuous state of profound bliss.  This natural state spontaneously occurs through realizing you are Divine Consciousness; pure, eternal, unlimited, and free from all harm.  Simply remain aware of this for 24 hours and you will naturally awaken.  Then you can joyfully connect with everyone from a place of love, devotion, and non-attachment to outcomes.

  • The God-Source, Spirit, Divine Consciousness, Spiritual Essence (or whatever you call it) is what you really are.  Each of us consists of pure light energy, consciousness, and a connection to divine intelligence.  This is who and what you really are. This spiritual existence is the only path that is truly satisfying.  Nothing is more fulfilling than to unveil and discover ones real 'self'.  This re-discovering of the true you is an experience of spiritual enlightenment.  It is truly the most freeing and empowering experience we can explore.
  • There is a spiritual path for the planet and one for each individual.  Each path is perfect, divine and completely unique to each person.  What truly helps us discover our own spiritual path today is overcoming our personal blocks, fear, resistance and negativity.  By releasing attachment to ones 'ego', we empower ourselves to overcome these barriers of such great magnitude.
  • All suffering comes from over-identification with your ego.  When you have become over-identified, you get confused, thinking you are your name, your thoughts, feelings, your body, or anything associated with the material world.  You forget that you are this divine infinite soul that will never die.  We are temporarily a part of the physical world, yet in actuality we always exist on a realm that is beyond the physical. This video reinforces this point Who are you.....Really ? (by Gangaji)
  • Our inner Light is our brilliance, our pizzazz, love, joy…our pure gusto for life!  It is our creativity, our ability to thrive instead of survive, and to truly share this authentic place of joy with the world!  By sharing this joy we grow a little stronger and feel more connected inside.  Whenever we withhold our Light we retract, contract, shrink up and die just a little. When we forget about who we 'think' we are, we abandon our ego-trip and decide to truly expand our mind.  We have decided to find peace within ourselves.
  • When we can deeply relax inside, we can see that this spiritually enlightened aspect of our soul is the natural state of our very being itself.  We are no longer distracted by our mind and its illusions.  We can let go of trying to become spiritual or enlightened, and simply relax into this pure spiritually enlightened soul we already are!  It is in this relaxation we re-discover the 'infinite source' naturally contained within our innermost being. 
  • When we can surrender and stop the worried chattering mind, we can truly relax into our 'being'.  A space of deep inner peace is not far away at all!  It just takes trust, being the witnesser and being open to it all.  When you can finally relax, there is a GREAT knowing that everything is totally O.K. exactly the way it is.  This spiritual knowing goes beyond understanding everything is just O.K., it realizes how grand and divinely perfect the Universe truly is.