Akashic Accelerated


A Pathway to

Emotional Freedom

  • Five times a year, from now on, I will be giving workshops on Emotion Releasing at Château Montestruc.

  • These workshops are only open to people who have already received their personal Akashic Record from me so that each person understands their own personal emotional patterns before we begin.
  • At each workshop, the first step will be to give you each an experience of pure awareness. Gradually I will go on to show you how you can each of you enter pure awareness at will.
  • When you have all got confidence that you can enter pure awareness at will, whenever you choose, I will show you how to find and release your old emotional blockages. This can only be done from within a state of pure awareness.
  • You will all experience either complete freedom or the beginnings of complete freedom. Even if, by the end of the workshop you only feel you have just begun the process, you will have learnt the process and will be able to finish the job in your own time after the workshop. You will have had a taste of freedom for perhaps the first time in your life and that taste of freedom will be more than enough to make you choose to finish the process yourself.
  • As you clean yourself up emotionally of all the childhood traumas and old stuff that has been holding you back all these years, so too will any illness or disease drop away from you because these things are just outward manifestations of your inner emotional state. Complete emotional freedom brings with it health and vitality. This is the most rapid and effective healing modality. Because once you have removed the emotional cause of the illness then the illness will go and never recur. In conventional medicine, illness recurs because the emotional reason you are ill is never treated.
  • This Emotion Releasing Workshop will have a maximum of 12 participants. 435 euros for each participant, it includes 3 nights accommodation at Château Montestruc and all meals. To book a place, click here.
  • At the end of the workshop I will outline for you a Programme for Life to continue your healing transformation.