Akashic Accelerated


About Me and how I

obtain your Akashic


  • I am Corinne Thiollay, and live with my family at Château Montestruc in the Entre Deux Mers region of France, not far from Bordeaux.

  • My background professionally has always been in people development and organisational transformation. Personally however, I always wanted to know the meaning of life and what holds us back from living life fully without fear and experiencing excellent health and joy.
  • Through my own awakening I became actively guided by a team of luminous beings who had all attained high levels within the Celestial spheres and who collectively call themselves "The Light Ones".
  • They explained my Core Issue of "I am afraid of life" and how this got created by my childhood trauma at the point of my conception. They explained how during times of stress I would sink into my "Spiral Pattern of Behaviour" creating more anxiety and resulting in all sorts of ill-health. They also taught me the reason for the journey of the soul, how to drop our distorted beliefs, heal and release our fears and childhood traumas to regain our aliveness, good health and loving nature.
  • My guides lovingly and patiently taught me everything I now know on this subject and now through me you can do the same. I always say to those who are seeking: "If I cannot answer your question then my guides can".
  • Akashic Accelerated Healing has been developed to bring this truth to earth to create a new wave of understanding and a new consciousness.
  • So if you want a deeper understanding of your soul journey then order now your akashic record, Once you have placed your order I give your name to my guides who go to the Hall of the akashic records and retrieve your personal soul record. They will then dictate this information to me while I type it up. The whole process normally takes around 3 to 4 hours of meditative concentration.
  • I run Emotion Releasing Workshops at Château Montestruc so that you can become free of the childhood traumas and any other emotional blockages that are revealed in your Akashic Record.
  • If, rather than attend an Emotion Release Workshop, you wish a Private Healing and Transformational Coaching Session, that is also available and will require a two day stay at Château Montestruc. But also, if you prefer, I can teach emotion releasing on a one-to-one basis over Skype.