Akashic Accelerated


False Identities

  • For some they will be so engaged with the Spiral Pattern that this will have completely over-taken their daily life experience. Their life will have literally become the 'Spiral' of fear and self-depreciation. These people will be completely enveloped in a world of fear and mistrust. They will have trouble functioning 'normally' and will try to survive the pain of their existence with the aid of drugs, alcohol, food and any mind numbing substance that they can ingest. This literally numbs them to the experience of life in complete fear. Fear has over-taken them and they totally believe that life can only consist of that. These people we call the 'consumed by their Spiral'.

  • Then there are those who have become a master at concealing this part of their nature. They have gone to great lengths to keep this 'dark' and probably unpleasant side of their nature hidden. It may be something that they do in secret behind closed doors. It may be something that they are ashamed of. It may be something that is vicious or violent. It may be done to themselves or others. Whatever the Spiral is at this stage it is well and truly hidden from those who know this person. It is a secret about them that no-one else will know about. They will have their public fašade neatly in place. However, one day at some point in their lives this 'truth' will come out and everyone will be shocked. There will be scandal and adverse publicity until this person is disgraced when this 'secret' gets out. We call these people the 'secret holders'.
  • There are those who simply cannot hide their Spiral and all its affects in their lives. The Spiral behaviour and actions are evident to those around them. It is easy to see their buttons getting pushed which sets them on this path of inward destruction and depression. We may refer to them as the 'depressives', for they are prone to long periods of depression and sadness, melancholy and regret. They spend many hours in repressed emotional states making themselves feel 'bad' for what they have done, or for that matter for what they have not done. They like to make themselves feel bad.
  • Then there are those who like to spend many hours working and working and working. These are the 'I must keep busy gang'. They must keep busy so that they do not feel their loneliness, their fear of being with what they feel inside. They are the ones who have a great fear of showing their emotions. They fear the natural rush of energy from their feelings centre into their hearts. They are blocked emotionally and they find the relief in keeping busy. They suffer from exhaustion and find it difficult to find time to spend the money that they have worked hard to earn. When they are on holiday they fill their time with endless activities and they normally fall over dead one day from all the constant exhaustion. This is the Spiral behaviour for those we like to call the 'workaholics'.
  • Then there are those who like to indulge in ill-health. These are the people who like to convince themselves that holding onto old pain, fear, regret, anger, jealousy, revenge etc will somehow make them a better person. They have literally developed the idea that holding onto old pain is not a negative pre-occupation. They have developed the art of constant bouts of ill-health brought on by stressful periods in their lives. They are the ones we like to call the hypochondriacs because they are only happy when they have manifested an illness with which they can identify themselves with. So these people are in a constant cycle of making themselves feel sick. They get hooked into the belief that they get more attention from being ill than from being themselves. They have learnt the technique to manufacture ill-health from any situation around them. They love the attention and the drama surrounding ill-health. They like to tell you about their latest ill-health condition. They want to draw you into their belief that any attention is better than none. So illness is a way to gain attention. Unfortunately it backfires because over time as they perfect the technique for manifesting ill-health their health deteriorates and eventually they kill themselves off with some serious illness that they cannot recover from. These then are the 'hypochondriacs'.
  • Then there are those who like you to believe that they are the 'do gooders'. They do good. They work endlessly for others and sacrifice everything for those who are less worthy than they are. They work tirelessly for the charities and the organisations which are set up to 'help' others. These folk are often kind and sweet in nature. They have an altruistic view on the human race. They believe that lack is a state of being which must be helped by those who can 'change' the lives of others. They get trapped in the idea that famine, ill-health, and lack of all kinds are not created by those who are choosing to experience life that way. Do they not understand that we have all chosen our pathways so that we can discover the same thing, and that same thing is that we can all release the struggle we find ourselves in by simply letting go of it and reaching up to the light realms for the assistance which is always given. So I imagine for many of you right now reading this that you are horrified by this assertion. However it is true. Those who get hooked on helping others are hooked on doing that because it makes them feel better about themselves to be helping another. However, on their dark side they are usually covering up a deep hatred of themselves. The help they should be offering is to themselves first and foremost and then they would realise how to truly help another. To literally show the other how to release their fear. To realise that the world is an abundant place and that goes for everyone! So these then are referred to as the 'do gooders'.
  • Then we have those who like to be known as the 'successful ones'. These are interesting because they are in fact eaten by failure. So the double edged coin is clearly visible. They are driven by failure and what it would mean to be a failure. So the inner core issue is one of 'I am not good enough' so I must show others that I am. So they are constantly driven to prove that over and over again. The Spiral is one of constantly proving that they are good enough. The trap that they find themselves in is one of not being able to accept that they are good enough whether they are a massive success in material terms or not. To literally heal the inner core belief that they are never going to be good enough no matter what they do, become, or succeed in. These then are called the 'successful ones'.
  • Are there more than these' Yes there are many more categories we have the 'I am always the victim', 'I am the drama-queen', 'I am the poor one', 'I am the positive one', 'I am the clown'. 'I am the miserable one', 'no-one likes me', 'I am the sad one', everything in my life makes me sad and so on. We literally play-out these roles in our lives believing that this is us.
  • However, these are all our 'false identities', or the identities that we learn to take on in order to gain approval, get attention (whether that be good or bad) and ultimately to gain love. We do this in the mistaken belief that we need to do and be like this, to gain acceptance for 'being'. Or, in other words, these are the identities that we take on in order to get the attention that we so crave. The attention of our parents, carers, grand-parents, friends, colleagues, enemies, neighbours. We are in a continual state of trying to get attention in order to satisfy that inner primordial need to find love.