Akashic Accelerated


What you will find in

your AkashicRecord

  • The 'Relevant Past Life Experiences' which have been brought into this lifetime to aid your expansion and learning. They will be relevant memory links which can be activated by simply bringing them to the foreground of your mind. Not all past lives will be accessed here, just the memory links which are connected to this particular life journey.

  • The Core issue that you have come to work on in this lifetime and which sits at the core of your life experience.
  • The Core belief that supports the core issue.
  • The Core fear which keeps you trapped from moving into expansion.
  • The Core defence mechanism which keeps others out and protects you.
  • The Complete Personality Structure and how this works for you energetically. That is to say what this brings to you by way of the life you experience.
  • The Dark Side of your Personality Structure. This is the part which you keep hidden and which you believe is a part of you which you cannot escape from.
  • The Relevant Adoption of Personality Traits that have structured your personality and the reasons why you have taken these on. Presented both in the positive and the negative.
  • The Childhood Trauma which sits at the core of your energy. This unresolved trauma will be structuring your ill-health and disease conditions.
  • The Energetic use of your Energy whether it rests predominately in the positive or the negative.
  • The Underlying Resting State: your experience of your 'energy force'. Whether this is a resting state of calm (ease) or dis-ease therefore creating disease structures within your energy bodies.
  • The Potential Dis-ease Conditions you will be manifesting by holding on to unresolved emotional trauma and living your life in anxiety and fear out of alignment to your true nature.
  • The Higher Purpose of your life and what it could expand to be if you learn to embrace and integrate all the above information about yourself.
  • The Spiral Pattern of behaviour which keeps you trapped in a never ending cycle of repetitive behaviour and where at the centre we convince ourselves that we are not good enough, or we are less than the rest of the human race.
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