Akashic Accelerated


Booking a private

healing and


coaching session

  • Private sessions will take place at Château Montestruc

  • If you want a private session with me, you must have first ordered and read your
    Akashic Record so that we both know how you have developed and what your emotional habits are.
  • The price per day per person is 200 euros, accommodation and all meals are included.
  • The teaching and guidance will be tailored to your specific needs offering ultimate opportunity for you to transform and transmute your energy. Many years of blocks and confusion will simply drop away leaving you clear and lucid and ready to take action in your life.
  • Alternatively I can give you a private session over Skype. For this my rate is 35 euros per hour.
  • To book a private session, you must call me on
    or  00 33 5 57 34 25 56 from outside France
  • To pay me through PayPal for an arrangement we have made over the telephone, please use this Pay Now button.