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Booking a place on an

Emotion Releasing


  • Workshops will take place at Château Montestruc

  • My workshops are only open to people who have already ordered, received and read their Akashic Record so that they understand their personal emotional pattern and spiral before we begin.
  • Workshops are limited to 12 people for each workshop. They are run over a weekend and include 3 nights accomodation and all meals.
  • The price for a place on a workshop is 435 euros.
  • If you wish to book a place on a workshop please fill out the little form below and click "Submit your info" then when it has come back and said "Your workshop booking request has been logged, now please make your payment through PayPal, thank you.", click on the Paypal button (Buy Now) below.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your booking for the workshop.
  • First and Family Name either current or as at birth :

    Please select a workshop weekend :

  • If you have any further questions or problems, you can call me on
    or  00 33 5 57 34 25 56 from outside France
    or email me at corinne@akashicacceleratedhealing.com