Akashic Accelerated


Separation from source

- the start of the

Journey of the Soul

  • Each birth is a separation of a bubble of conscious source energy from source. The job of the separated consciousness is twofold - firstly to experience itself as separate from the 'being-ness' of divine love (source) and secondly to re-learn that it is part of source. But there are many ways of being separate from source so we re-incarnate and in each incarnation we choose a different way to forget that we are source, a different emotional hurdle, as it were, to learn about and eventually leap over so that we can re-discover that we are part of source. So in the process of exploring each form of ourself that is separate from source, inevitably we forget that we are source and we are faced with the paradox of re-discovering something that we have forgotten, that we knew before our birth - that we are source. This is the human condition.

  • When we separate out from the source, this is our first feeling of separation. Yet once we have become a divine spark within our mother's womb we again feel safe and secure. However, the second cut comes at birth when the umbilical cord is severed and again there is a further separation from source. We feel the pain of this separation most deeply and it can result in a feeling of insecurity or extreme fear.
  • As we go on to become adults and we lose contact with our inner divine nature, we find ourselves feeling separate, lonely and a little lost. We struggle with many experiences and emotions trying to make sense of it all. We learn to be an individual. We find ourselves in a sea of sensual experiences which can be overwhelming and a struggle to understand.
  • We start to believe that we are different from the rest as this continued process of separation occurs. Of course, what we are describing here is the story or the journey of the soul to forget who we truly are, to completely separate out from source energy. And during our journey we have had to make do with the conditional experience of 'love' on earth which can never compare with the divine love we experienced at source.
  • Yet we need to play the game of forgetting who we truly are so that we can fully engage with the exploratory journey of our soul. For our soul has chosen to come into this lifetime to experience itself firstly as 'small' and then to expand beyond its boundaries, conditioning and teaching to once again discover that it is in fact 'great'. That it can be, have and create anything that it wants to experience itself as. It is here to discover its inner divine nature.
  • The journey therefore is to split-out from source energy so that we can re-discover over and over again that we are in fact a part of source energy and because of that, we can never be 'less than' that.
  • That is why within all of us lies a primordial calling to re-connect with source energy. We are drawn to the truth of our existence an 'inner knowing' that once again, we can experience ourselves as the greatest part of who we truly are. To be the greatest and grandest, highest version of ourselves that we can be, here in a physical form.
  • Once we re-connect with our inner divine nature, all anxiety, fear and struggle starts to drop away as we realise we are 'at home within ourselves' and the illusion of separation is just that.