Akashic Accelerated


The Spiral Pattern of

behaviour which is

repeating over and over

again in your life

  • The three component parts of the trilogy sit at the centre of the life experience. They manifest as a set of behaviours which go to make up the 'Spiral Pattern' of behaviour. Each human soul who incarnates creates for himself a 'Spiral Pattern' of behaviour in which to experience the dark side of his nature. At the 'core' of the structure of the 'Spiral Pattern' is the fear that somehow 'they are not enough'. They are 'not as good as the other'. It is the human condition to believe that we are 'less than' we should be. Of course the 'Spiral Pattern' is the outward evidence of this belief. So therefore you could argue that this is of course true.

  • However, the real reason that we come to earth to develop these fears, is so that we can grow beyond them. So that we can re-discover the 'true essence' of who we are, and that is already perfect, whole and certainly not lacking in anything. It is created in this way so that we can re-discover over and over again that love and light will always win over fear. That by bringing these fears to 'light' will heal and release them. So that they can once again experience life in a more abundant and free way. That they can have, be and become so much more than these inner fears suggest. For the inner fears of the 'Spiral Pattern' keep us trapped in the belief of a world of lack, of a world of fear and separation.
  • The 'Spiral Pattern' therefore is the outer manifestation of the 'inner core fear' that we come in to experience in the human form, and that to be human means that we are fearful of what we believe to be separate from us.
  • We are fearful here on earth of the experience in a physical form as an individuated part of the 'whole'. We have no memory of that which we came from. We have lost the idea that we are a part of the 'whole', that we are a part of the 'the source'. We are not evil in our intent, we are simply fearful. This inner place of fear feeds into our beliefs about the world and how we experience it. We completely buy-in-to the idea that we are not safe and that we are fundamentally alone. However, this then is the deception. We are in fact always part of the 'divine whole'. We are always connected through our 'inner divine nature' 'the soul'. We are always part of the place of safety, love, trust, light and loving warmth. We simply need to re-connect with it. To remember that we are a part of something good, something greater than the smallest part of us. That we are part of the 'whole'. We remain and always will be a part of that ever loving and divine light, the energy of goodness. We can never be less than that. The only difference therefore between those who experience life on earth in a 'state of happiness', health and safety and those who experience it as a 'state of struggle', ill-health and anxiety is how connected they are to their 'inner divine nature' 'the soul'.
  • So the Spiral Pattern represents the outer experience of this deception that we are somehow alone and because we are alone we are afraid. This fear manifests in behaviours which are 'outside' of our true nature. They are the 'dark' part of our nature. They are the parts of us which keeps us stuck in the belief that we hold dear in the core of our being ' that we are not safe here. That we are not good enough to be here. That we are unlovable in some form, or way. That there is something fundamentally wrong with us. We have truly formed these beliefs because of the experience that we have had here in our physical experience.
  • We look to understand the world that we find ourselves in by working with our minds. We gain status, we gain knowledge, we gain partnerships, we gain this expansion while all the time there lurks within us a knowledge that underneath all of that we are not enough. We are weak in some way, we are bad in some way, we are feeble inside at the very core of our being. The outer shell seeks to hide what is in the core of our being. The bigger and brighter the outer shell the darker and smaller the inner core hatred and disapproval.
  • So then, what can be done with this information once you have read your 'Spiral Pattern'?
  • The Spiral Pattern has been prepared for you to see into the very 'core' of your being. It has been prepared so that you can see the very seed from which you have grown from. Once you have engaged with this, it is the first step to releasing yourself from the 'grip' which it has over you.
  • The work to be undertaken is to first see if you can 'see' yourself in this action during your life and work in the here and now.'
  • Do you act out, be and say and think those descriptions of you in your 'Spiral Pattern'?
  • Can you relate to that person you see described before you?
  • If you cannot then you are deluding yourself.
  • Look again more closely and more honestly. This will require you to be truly honest with yourself. It is time to let down the defences and let this information come into your consciousness. Allow it to sit there and sink in for a few moments as you start to reflect on how this behaviour here in front of you affects your daily life and experience.