Akashic Accelerated


Why change your life ?

  • Because you may be experiencing : general ill health or disease; frustrating/damaging repeating patterns; feeling life is just plain up-hill; feeling isolated or lonely; no-one understands me; sensing there are brick walls between you and what you want in life whether it be love, better, more fulfilling relationships, more money, better, more intimate sex, loving family support instead of upsets and disputes. etc.
  • You start to ask yourself these questions : Why is my life like this ? Why is this happening to me ? What is wrong with me ? Why is everyone else happier than me with more success, happier marriage, better job, earning more money, having more fun ?
  • You suddenly realize that you have lost your way and the old "vibrant" part of you has died or you feel that you have lost contact with it. So the search begins to find your "old" self.
  • Self Analysis Starts: You want to know: "Why am I like this ?". What made me the way I am ? Can I change myself ? When you reach this stage ordering your Akashic Record soul reading will answer all these questions and so much more. It will literally save you hours and hours of traditional methods of self analysis therefore accelerating this stage of the process.
  • You then want to find solutions for your issues and you seek out professional help, workshops, books, videos, specialists in self-help methods to help you gain the answers and learn the tools for change. It can be a long arduous journey. However, if you want to accelerate this stage learning my Pure Awareness Rapid Healing Techniques on one of my Emotion Releasing 2 day workshop is the best possible option you could take or choosing a personal one on one healing and transformational coaching session.
  • This is a truly Accelerated Healing System and will deliver rapid transformation in your life.